Device Setup Service

Got a new PC, Mac, smartphone, tablet or printer and need help setting it up? Having troubles with existing devices? With Home Tech Support’s Device Setup service, you will get instant help in setting up your new devices or resolving issues with your existing devices. Our experienced techs will help you with a complete out-of-box experience and guide you towards getting the maximum performance from your devices.

$99.99  | 


Service Features

  • We’ll help set up a new device, like a PC, Mac, smartphone, tablet, WiFi router, printer, gaming console, smart TV, and other digital devices.
  • Download and install the right piece of supporting software for your devices to work efficiently.
  • We’ll help personalize and customize your devices as per your preferences.
  • Troubleshoot issues with existing devices, like inability to connect to Internet, compatibility issues, errors or warnings, inability to print, etc.
  • Provide basic tips and tricks on maintaining and optimizing your device's performance.

$99.99  | 

A single purchase of Device Setup service can get you support on one device from the Supported Devices list (PC, Mac, smartphone, tablet, printer, WiFi router, smart TV, or gaming console). If you are looking for support on multiple devices, please check out our subscription service plans.